Onsite Coaching

This program is designed to provide both training and consulting services to your company over a one year period.  Once a month an analyst from Network Protocol Specialists will come on site to work with your staff to review new technologies, evaluate network analysis tools, troubleshoot problems, or provide protocol analysis training.  By coming out once a month, the network staff has an opportunity to practice what was taught at previous sessions before the next session. Currently this service is only offered in the Seattle area.

Our Onsite Coaching program differs from traditional network analysis and troubleshooting training in the following ways:

We train using your network - Our analyst comes to your site to do the training.  We use your network for all training demonstrations.  If the training involves creating problems on the network, we will provide the network equipment.  This allows your analysts to practice troubleshooting problems on the network they need to support.

We training using your troubleshooting equipment - It does not help your analysts to become proficient on a analyzer they will never use again.  By using the analysis equipment you currently own, your analysts will know how to fully utilize these tools when problems arise.  Based on our relationships with a number of network analysis equipment vendors, we are able to bring these products in for coaching sessions to give your organization an opportunity to try them out in a non-sales environment.

The training is spread out over time - During a multi-day class, students are only able to retain a portion of the information presented.  By spreading the training out over a longer period of time, we have seen a much greater retention rate.  Between sessions, the students are able to apply those techniques they have learned and bring questions to the next session.

If pressing problems exist, we fix them
- Since we are on your network, using your tools, we are able to fix problems as part of the training.  The session serves a dual purpose.  The problem gets fixed and your analysts learn from the experience.

Opportunity to evaluate new products - At Network Protocol Specialists, we own a wide variety of tools that allow us to measure latency, generate traffic, and monitor for errors.  This equipment along with your analysis equipment can be used to test new products to determine how they will fit in your environment.  Your analysts will know exactly how this equipment will perform, prior to deployment.

Remote sessions - Currently our Onsite Coaching is only offered in the Seattle area.  However, if you are interested in this type of program, we do have remote training technologies that can be employed.  This allows us to see your analyzers and you to see ours.

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